From left to right, Red Eye’s current lineup includes Antonio Campos (guitar, vocals), Antonio Muriel (bass) and Pablo Terol (drums, vocals).

Surrounded by the glorious and eerie karst formations of El Torcal and hosting one of the oldest and largest megalithic dolmens in Europe, the Southern Spanish city of Antequera (Malaga) is a magical region where our ancestors built up the basis of next cultures to come.

No doubt the four-piece outfit Red Eye got inspired by this land’s mystique and the clear connection between Man and Earth when starting their activities in 2016, reinterpreting the concept of proto and modern rock into something creative and genuine.

Their megalithic and profound riffs combine traditional doom and psych heavy tunes with both melodic and harsh vocals, fast learners of Iommi and Pike to name their strongest references.

In 2019 their debut album Tales from the Days of Yore (Alone Records) laid the foundations of their crushing style, “providing a deep-running listening experience that shows Red Eye as thoughtful in their use of structure and pace as well as schooled in the style in which they’re establishing their roots for future development” (The Obelisk).

Following the success of their first album, new bassist Antonio Muriel (Plastic Woods) joined the band and Red Eye quickly started composing their next full-length, which was recorded in the summer of 2020. The Cycle (2021 Alone Records) explores new sounds, yet it retains the unmistakable tone that characterizes the Spanish quartet. This new album arrives in the form of a conceptual work of fiction, pushing the boundaries of the genre into a new story-telling fashion, while staying true to their roots.